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South Sudan Road to Independence - Broken Promises and Lost Opportunities

26 Global Business and Development Law Journal 2013, at 1

The Abyei Territorial Dispute between North and South Sudan: Why has its Resolution Proven Difficult? in Land and Post-Conflict Peacebuilding  

(Jon Unruh and Rhodri Williams, editors; Environmental Law Institute, Washington DC; Earthscan, London, 2013. (2011)

Abyei photo
Water Resources in the Sudan North South Peace Process and the Ramifications of the Secession of South Sudan, in Water and Post-Conflict Peacebuilding  

(Jessica Troell, Erika Weinthal, and Mikiyasu Nakayama, editors; Environmental Law Institute, Washington DC; Earthscan, London, 2013)

The Nile Basin Cooperative Framework Agreement: A Peacefully Unfolding African Spring?

38 Water International, 17 (2013)

The New State of South Sudan and the Hydro-politics of the Nile Basin

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The World Bank and the Gezira Scheme in the Sudan - Political Economy of Irrigation Reforms (World Bank Report 96873, June 2010)

Water Resources in the Sudan North-South Peace Process – Past Experience and Future Trends

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Lay Tribunals in the Sudan: An Historical and Socio-legal Analysis, p. 61 - 128.

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Legal Profession in the Sudan: A Study of Legal and Professional Pluralism, in C. J. Dias et al (editors)-Lawyers in the Third World: Comparative and Developmental Perspectives, p. 266

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